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Dotz  Girl

DOTZ Girl Anna

A model that studies economics, would like to be Beyonce for one day and only loses her heart to her hometown of Gmunden? Well, that would be Anna Hammel.
Dotz  Girl

Name: Anna
Residence: Linz
Biggest Success: Miss Austria 2009
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Dotz  Girl

Name: Anna
Residence: Linz
Biggest Success: Miss Austria 2009
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown

Interview with Anna:

As a kid you were …?
...a bit of a tomboy. I spent all my time around boys and behaved accordingly. Up to a certain age I also was very ambitious at school.

Our last DOTZ Girl was from Upper Austria too. What’s the secret of you Upper Austrian girls?
Maybe our down-to-earthness? You shouldn’t take yourself too seriously!

If you could be someone else for a day…
…I’d like to be Beyonce. For me she’s the prime example of a successful, independent woman and I love her work.

If DOTZ were to pay, your next trip would take you to…
I’d love to go to New York again with a couple of friends – I really like it there.

If DOTZ were to build your dream house…
I’d go for an exclusive penthouse. What good is a house for me alone?

If you could use the DOTZ credit card for an afternoon of shopping…
I’d probably buy shoes and jewelry, I can never get enough of that…

What would a guy have to cook for you in order to make your heart melt?
Sushi or a fine steak, preferably rare.

What would you cook for a guy to make his heart melt?
If I wanted to make someone’s heart melt, I’d better stay out of the kitchen!

Three must-haves in your dream car?
My BMW X6 absolutely has to have a good sound system, seat heating and a radar detector.

What kind of car does a stylish guy drive?
Doesn’t matter, as long as it’s no two-seater…

The best place for roaring engines?
Rally races!

What disappoints you in a guy?
If he’s intimidated by me and thinks he can impress me with material things.

Fate or coincidence?

What are you eagerly waiting for to be invented?
A watch that makes you arrive everywhere on time…

Best cure for a hangover?
Knowing when to stop ;)

Your favorite kind of music?
RnB, HipHop, Latin.

Your hobbies?
Dancing, all kinds of sports, foreign languages.

You stay fit by…
...doing my daily dance training.

What’s most important to you?
My family and friends.