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Dotz  Girl

DOTZ Girl Mirja

Mirja Roth is the 2012 DOTZ Girl. The 2010 Miss Austria runner-up is studying law and art history, would love to have an Audi A1 and can make men melt with her Chili con CarneÀ¦
Dotz  Girl

Name: Mirja
Residence: Vienna
Biggest Success: Vice Miss Austria 2010
Hair: blonde
Eyes: blue
Dotz  Girl

Name: Mirja
Residence: Vienna
Biggest Success: Vice Miss Austria 2010
Hair: blonde
Eyes: blue

Interview with Mirja:

As a kid I was…?
As a kid I was blonde, blue-eyed and very lively. I was always looking for excitement.

You can slip into someone else’s body for one day…
I’d slip into a man’s body to experience and understand why this species just cannot cope with doing two things at the same time.

You host a talk show. What’s the topic?
“Do talk shows improve the intelligence of the audience?” And I would invite people who regularly watch talk shows as my guests.

DOTZ offers you a trip. Where are you going?
I’d prefer to go to China and take my best friend Delia. China would be the best place for us to live it up – a great mix of party and culture!

DOTZ is building the house of your dreams. Where will it stand, what will it look like?
The house of my dreams should be surrounded by nature and the sea. It should have many high windows and the inside should have very open spaces. My bathroom should have a bath tub with a view of the ocean.

DOTZ is lending you a credit card for an afternoon shopping tour. What’s on top of your priority list?
Shoes from Prada! I can never get enough of shoes. My favourite ones are sandals with high heels. Because I have been working as a model for quite a while, I often get the chance to wear them.

Three must-haves of your dream car?
The car of my dreams would be an Audi A1. It would have to be in white, cos’ I have a soft spot for white cars. Apart from that, an air conditioner for the summer and a seat heater for the winter, because I like to go skiing!

When the engines rev up, where can one most likely find you?
At the Formula 1!

With which car does a man express a sense of style?
With an Audi Q5. It doesn’t have to be white, however.

Speaking about men – what disappoints you?
Dishonesty, false promises and arrogant, dominant behavior.

What would you cook to make someone fall for you?
I’d prepare Chili con Carne and vanilla ice cream with raspberries flambé for dessert.

What would a guy have to cook for you to give in?
To melt my heart he would have to prepare a miraculous Basil-Panna-Cotta with strawberries and balsamic vinegar.

Fate or coincidence?
Coincidence, cos’ I’m always ready to explore something new.

Which invention are you desperately waiting for?
A teleporter that can quickly beam me from Vienna to Carinthia when I get homesick.

Best cure for a hangover?
Chill out in the garden or at the lake the next day.

Skiing, swimming, running, cycling, reading, yoga and playing with my little cousin Gratia.

Most important for me…?
My friends and my family.