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Dotz  Girl

DOTZ Girl Steffi

DOTZ Girl Stefanie dreams about Formula 1, would like to know what it is like to be Coco Chanel for a day and has adorned her Fiat 500 with shiny DOTZ Rapier rims.
Dotz  Girl

Nickname: Steffi
Residence: Linz
Biggest Success: Miss Online
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Dotz  Girl

Nickname: Steffi
Residence: Linz
Biggest Success: Miss Online
Hair: brown
Eyes: blue

Interview with Steffi:

Our last DOTZ Girl was from Upper Austria too. What is the secret of you Upper Austrians?
Well, it’s no surprise considering that the Province of Upper Austria is so beautiful and has all that lovely fresh air. What’s more, Upper Austrians simply have this special kind of charm that nobody can resist!

Talking about fresh air, nature and mountains. In the mountains there’s no…
...surnames because everybody is on first-name terms!

You study Chemical Engineering. What’s important for you in terms of interpersonal chemistry?
Fidelity, respect, fun.

What would a guy have to cook for you to make your heart melt?
Sweet cheese dumplings with nougat on a wild berry-strawberry coulis and caramelized almonds.

In turn, what would you cook to make a guy’s heart melt?
Gnocchi with spinach-cream-Ricotta sauce. And Mousse au Chocolat for dessert.

Who would you want to be if you could step into someone else’s shoes for one day?
If I could also travel in time, I’d say Coco Chanel. She was a very courageous woman whose style could never be copied.

Tell us three things that are an absolute must in your car?
My three musts are air conditioning, a CD player and a certain extra special something – some kind of cult factor. My Fiat 500 certainly has that but it looks even more special with the new Dotz Rapier.

What kind of car speaks for a man with style?
Style is something you can’t buy and it’s a matter of taste. Personally I like vintage cars – but only if they’re in good shape and not stranded on the hard shoulder of course.

Moto-X or Formula 1?
As some of my friends ride motocross, I would have to go for that. But I’d love to attend a Formula 1 race or see what it feels like to drive a Formula 1 car!

Fate or coincidence?
That’s hard to say. As a future scientist I would have to go for coincidence, but in private I’d say fate. Although natural science has a rational explanation for everything, there are situations in life that can only be fate.

Best cure for a hangover?
Sleep in, go for a run, have a hot shower, a face mask, a manicure and then relax!

If DOTZ were to build your dream house…
My dream house already exists: the house where I grew up. But I’d have a couple of ideas for extending it! For instance, an indoor pool with a waterfall or a bigger conservatory leading out to a Jacuzzi!

If you could borrow the DOTZ credit card for a shopping spree, what would be on the top of your list?
You quickly tend to forget what’s on top of your list when you’ve been inside a shop for more than a minute. I would probably buy everything I like and that’s bound to be a lot…

Your favorite kind of music:
From Rock (Foo Fighters, Ash, Kings of Leon, Placebo, Jennifer Rostock) to House and Electro (David Guetta, Chemical Brothers, Turntable Rockers)

Your hobbies:
Fashion design, modeling, playing the piano, traveling

How do you keep fit?
I like wakeboarding, running, snowboarding, skiing and Yoga.

What’s important to you?
My parents, my family, friends, health, success, being happy.