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The AlCAR Group is Europes number 1 in the automotive aftermarket for steel and alloy wheels!

ALCAR is an internationally active industrial and commercial group which places its strategic focus on steel and alloy wheels. The ALCAR Group is also the market leader in the European automotive aftermarket sector.

The group's main business activities focus on wholesaling on national and international level as well as manufacturing steel and alloy wheels. The companies of the ALCAR Group stand for customer and market orientation, innovative design, state-of-the-art production technology and service-oriented logistics.

The presence of the Austrian group of companies across Europe amounts to roughly 30 companies in 15 European countries. In Asia the group is represented by an alloy wheel production facility in Indonesia. The company’s seven proprietary brands sells 5.5 million wheels worldwide. ALCAR employs more than 1,200 persons around the globe.

The ALCAR Group's head office is located in Hirtenberg, Austria, approximately 35 km south of Vienna.

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