DOTZ 4x4 Ford Ranger

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posted: 2021-04-28

If you want to experience nature as part of an outdoor adventure, you must leave the tarmac behind once in a while. For that, you need the right car. All-terrain vehicles are your best companions for off-road action due to their high ground clearance and robust construction. In the olden days, they were purpose-built, had a simple design and were found mostly in the countryside. Today, they have already conquered the cities, spreading a feeling of freedom, independence and adventure. There is a variety of different models that don't fail to impress with striking, eye-catching designs, comfort and plenty of modern technical gadgets. The varied DOTZ product range has long been featuring stylish rims for all-terrain vehicles with high load-bearing capacity.

DOTZ Dakar Ford Ranger

Rims not only improve the look of a car, they must also meet the technical requirements of each vehicle. This is particularly important for all-terrain cars because in addition to legal regulations as part of the rim approval procedure, rims must withstand high loads and enormous external impact. Therefore, choosing the right material plays an important role. Aluminium or steel – you’ll have to decide depending on the kind of requirement of the respective all-terrain car.

For off-road lifestyle SUVs, DOTZ offers alloy rims that also allow for visually striking designs. Real off-road fans, that prefer heavy terrain, don’t care much for looks – what counts for them is a robust and load-bearing construction. The DOTZ rim production team has explored the various requirements and developed alloy as well as steel wheels that meet all needs.

The DOTZ MODULAR, the DOTZ DAKAR and the DOTZ PHARAO are as steely as they make them, with the right centre hole caps that prevent dirt from entering the wheel hub.



The silver-coloured steel wheel in 7x16 inches has been developed exclusively for the VW Amarok and can be fitted free-of-registration thanks to VTA approval. This one’s ready to meet any challenge.

DOTZ Modular VW Amarok


The glossy black DOTZ steel wheel, apart from impressive looks, brings along military technology. The wheels in the Beadlock look are extremely load-bearing, withstanding high torques and low tyre pressures.

Suzuki Jimny DOTZ Modular Beadlock


The silver-coloured steel rim is easy to clean thanks to a special surface sealing, and with its classic contours makes for the perfect outdoor look. The 4x4 wheel in the sizes 15 to 17 inches and a rim width of up to 8 inches is a load-bearing partner that is ready for any adventure.

The DOTZ Dakar is also available in the DARK look, coming into its own with its glossy black finish, especially for pick-ups such as the Mercedes X Class, the Nissan Navarra, and the Renault Alaskan.

Dakar dark


You can throw anything from humid jungle air to hot desert sand at this DOTZ steel wheel – it will rise to every challenge. Dirt and sand won’t leave any visible marks and can be easily washed off thanks to the special surface finish. For Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Ford models, the DOTZ PHARAO can be fitted free-of-registration as it comes with VTA fitment.

Dotz Pharao Land Rover

ALLOY wheels are able to take a lot, too – as the DOTZ CRUNCH proves.

The massive six-spokes rim is both robust and an eye-catcher. The striking, glossy black finish with an extra polished flange and wheel hub area make for an exceptional look.

Thanks to five- and six-hole fitments, it is available for the most common all-terrain cars.

DOTZ Crunch VW Amarok


The rim won’t ride on its own

The right choice of tyres is essential to get ahead in the wild. It’s best to leave your every-day tyres on the road, true off-roaders go for all-terrain tyres that have been developed to meet different requirements.

For amateur off-roaders, street-terrain or highway-terrain tyres are ideal. They ensure good grip and impress with low noise on rough road, both in regular road traffic and quick getaways off the tarmac. If load and stress increase, you should opt for all-terrain tyres. They provide a better tread profile and are built sturdier.

If you like riding far away from paved roads, you’ll go for mud-terrain tyres. They offer the highest safety against punctures while crossing muddy or rocky terrain with ease. On the road, they make for a loud and rough ride, with the grip also leaving much to be desired.

That’s why, we recommend checking your own driving behaviour before buying a tyre in order to make an informed choice.

DOTZ 4x4 Ford Ranger

No matter which tyre you select, DOTZ rims are a perfect match for every challenge. Whether steely or in a swishy alloy look – they are optimally protected against sand, mud and rockfall thanks to their premium, top-quality DOTZ paint. After an off-road spin, rinsing off your car using just a sponge and high-pressure cleaner is good enough to start the next adventure in a mirror finish.
DOTZ Modular Beadlock Suzuki Jimny

You can’t seem to decide which DOTZ wheels best fit your all-terrain car? Why don’t you browse the DOTZ rim configurator, check out the various looks, and compare the technical details? In the DOTZ off-road range you will find the perfect wheel for your requirements.